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#ShineATealLight on food allergy on Halloween

Be inclusive! #ShineATealLight to support kids with food allergy.

Food allergy can make treats tricky to navigate. Potential risk of a reaction means that many kids are left out of one of the year’s most exciting holidays. So how can we take the fright out of food allergy, and make Halloween a safer, more inclusive holiday for everyone, while at the same time, also increasing food allergy awareness with the general public?

By shining a teal light on the issue! Teal has become the recognized colour for food allergy. Our bright idea is to show your neighbourhood that you have allergy-friendly treats and toys on Halloween for kids by replacing your regular porch light with a teal bulb, or by displaying other sources of teal light on your front porch. Shining a teal light helps to create food allergy awareness and sparks conversations on how to support kids with food allergy.

This year, pledge your support by lighting up in teal on Halloween!

Here’s how you can participate this year:

Teal light on porchWays you can light up in teal

Purchase teal lights or make your own crafts to show kids that you have allergy-friendly treats or non-food treats for them. It’s also a great way to create awareness and conversations!

Plus, purchase our glow-in-the-dark Shine a Teal Light bracelets to help spread food allergy awareness throughout Halloween and all year long.

Allergy-friendly treat posterShare on social and download free resources

Post messages on social media or share our posts about the campaign and download our social icons and other resources.

Tag us and use the hashtag #ShineATealLight every time you share how you are shining a teal light to create food allergy awareness!

Bracelet picture on black backgroundPurchase our #ShineATealLight bracelets

Get our customized glow-in-the-dark “Shine a light” teal bracelets. They are perfect for kids and adults to wear during Halloween to spark the conversation of food allergy with neighbours and friends.

Order before October 20th to get them in time for Halloween!

Vancouver City Hall lit up teal#ShineATealLight across Canada

Monuments and significant landmarks across the country will light up in teal throughout October to show their support for food allergy this Halloween season.

“Shine a light” song

Listen to this exclusive “Shine a light” song by food allergy educator and musician Kyle Dine.

Share it with your friends and family to spread food allergy awareness.

Discover other ways you can support kids with food allergy this Halloween:

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