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Grocery shopping during COVID-19

Reading and checking ingredient labels has always been an essential part of grocery shopping for households with food allergy. With the current pandemic, this practice has become even more important as we may be purchasing groceries online or spending less time in the grocery store as we adhere to physical distancing requirements. 

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To help ensure you and your family continue to find products that meet your needs at this time, here are some important tips to consider using our triple check method:

  • Stick to products/brands you are familiar with and have purchased before
  • If shopping in person, go at off peak times if possible, so you can take the time you need to review the product ingredient information in the grocery store
  • Review the ingredient list carefully, including the full list of ingredients in the product, any “Contains” statements (if used) and any precautionary allergen labelling such as “may contain” 
  • Call manufacturers directly if you have any questions on the products to inquire about ingredients
  • Check all products again before you put them away at home and before preparing or serving
  • Avoid any products that are not labelled or come from bulk bins
  • Wash your hands before and after grocery shopping

If you’re buying groceries online, please follow these additional measures:

  • Review the online ingredient list carefully (as outlined above) before ordering, as some online stores may have different levels of information that are displayed. If ingredient information is not provided, look for an alternative product.
  • Do not allow for substitutions when ordering online as some of these products may not have the same ingredients as the product you have selected.
  • Upon delivery of your groceries, check and read the ingredient label on all products carefully.
  • Do not consume any products that have been damaged or opened during delivery. 
  • Wash your hands after handling your grocery delivery. 

For more tips, visit our reading food labels page.

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