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Facts and Hacks campaign

Join the conversation and share our #FoodAllergyHacks

This campaign focuses on how to manage food allergy through a series of facts from research alongside a food allergy hack. Share our Facts and Hacks virtually to increase awareness while educating at the same time!

Click the “Share” button to download the gif and click the “Research behind the fact” button to read the research. Share with others on social media to create a community that is #AllergyAware!


Kitchen tips

Family are preparing vegetables for dinner in the kitchen of their home. The mother is helping the little boy prepare a yellow bell pepper.Kitchen tips

Check out our list of handy tips to keep your kitchen allergy-friendly and discover new allergy-friendly recipes!

Signs and symptoms

Young girl with hands on stomach because indigestion, painful illness feeling unwell.Reaction signs and symptoms

Become familiar with the different symptoms that can occur so that you’re better prepared for an emergency.

Treating reactions

Epinephrine auto-injector care

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