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Social media toolkit

Share #KnowItTreatIt on social!

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This Food Allergy Awareness Month, get involved by sharing our #KnowItTreatIt campaign on social media.

This campaign showcases real stories on the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and the treatment for it. We encourage you to share your very own “Know it. Treat it.” story throughout the month (and enter our contest for your chance to win amazing and exclusive prizes!). The campaign also features educational facts on anaphylaxis and its treatment. These facts are fun, educational, and super easy to share! Help raise awareness without leaving your home!

Below you will find tips and ideas to help you craft your social message.

Please tag us and also use #FAAM, #allergyaware and #KnowItTreatIt in your messages. Our social media handles are:

Sample social media messages for #KnowItTreatIt

  • Do you know the signs and symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction? Check out the facts and be sure to #KnowItTreatIt. #FAAM foodallergycanada.ca/KnowTreatFacts
  • Did you know secondary reactions occur in up to 20% of #anaphylaxis cases? Check out more #KnowItTreatIt facts on managing #foodallergy. #FAAM foodallergycanada.ca/KnowTreatFacts
  • Skin symptoms, like hives, don’t occur in up to 20% of anaphylactic reactions. Make sure you Know it so you can Treat it. Discover more #KnowItTreatIt facts. #FAAM foodallergycanada.ca/KnowTreatFacts
  • Antihistamines do not reverse the symptoms of #anaphylaxis. Only epinephrine does. #KnowItTreatIt #FAAM foodallergycanada.ca/KnowTreatFacts
  • Let’s take the power out of #anaphylaxis by increasing the confidence of all Canadians to #KnowItTreatIt. #FAAM foodallergycanada.ca/KnowTreat
  • Check out the gallery of Canadians sharing their own #KnowItTreatIt story. Let’s make sure all Canadians know the signs of #anaphylaxis and how to treat it. Share your story! #FAAM foodallergycanada.ca/KnowTreat

Sample social media messages to raise awareness in general

  • Check out the <insert monument name> lit up in teal for Food Allergy Awareness Month! #ShineATealLight #FAAM #TurnItTeal
  • I am one of the more than 3 million Canadians living with #foodallergy, and today I’m sharing my food allergy story to raise awareness. #FAAM foodallergycanada.ca/KnowItTreatIt
  • This #FAAM, I am thankful for my family and friends who go above and beyond to support my #foodallergy.
  • This #FAAM, get the facts on #foodallergy. Check out this one pager! foodallergycanada.ca/foodallergyfacts

Download and share our #KnowItTreatIt facts

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