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#KnowItTreatIt facts

Learn about anaphylaxis and epinephrine with our #KnowItTreatIt facts.

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This year’s Food Allergy Awareness Month campaign focuses on Knowing how to recognize anaphylaxis, and how to Treat it with epinephrine. #KnowItTreatIt

To increase awareness of anaphylaxis and educate at the same time, we’ve created fun graphics illustrating the facts on managing and treating anaphylaxis.

They are super fun to share virtually! Be sure to take a look at our social media toolkit below so you can share and spread food allergy awareness!

Learn how to #KnowItTreatIt – check out the facts below and share!

#KnowItTreatIt facts

Share our facts below on social media and help to create a community that is allergy-aware! Be sure to include the hashtag #KnowItTreatIt!

  • To view and read the facts larger, click on the GIF image. A new window will open where you can also save the GIF to your device.
  • To download the GIF, click the “Download and share” button. A new window will open where you can save the GIF to your device’s photos or camera roll.
  • To share, go to publish a post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and upload the GIF from your device. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #KnowItTreatIt!
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Social media toolkit – spread awareness online

Share these #KnowItTreatIt facts on social media. Check out our social media toolkit for message ideas and more!

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