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Know it. Treat it. campaign

Join the conversation and share how you “Know it. Treat it.” with anaphylaxis. Plus, you can win 1-of-4 exclusive prizes!

The campaign

During Food Allergy Awareness Month in May, you can participate in our Know It. Treat It. campaign which is all about sharing signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and the treatment for it.

Share your Know it. Treat it. story with us and become a part of the conversation. Tell us how you knew you were having an anaphylactic reaction and how you treated it. You don’t need to have had an anaphylactic reaction to participate. If you haven’t had a reaction, share how you would recognize and treat anaphylaxis.

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The goal of this campaign is to empower Canadians around recognizing and treating anaphylaxis through real life stories and education. Together, let’s take the power away from anaphylaxis, making it less intimidating by increasing the confidence for all Canadians to Know it. and Treat it.

To make it even more fun, everyone who sends us their “Know it. Treat it.” story will be automatically entered into our contest to win 1-of-4 exclusive prizes. Click the button to learn more about the contest.

Submit your story and enter the contest!

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