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Resources on anaphylaxis

Learn how to recognize and treat anaphylaxis. Watch our educational videos, take a free AllergyAware.ca course, download tip sheets & more!

Signs and symptoms

Review the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis so you Know it and can recognize it if it happens.

Download our 1-pager and post it up so you always have a reference.

Treating reactions

Review what to do during an anaphylactic reaction so you are prepared Treat it if it happens.

Download our 5 emergency steps sheet and post it up on the wall for easy reference!

Epinephrine info sheet

Download and read our new info sheet that’s all about epinephrine.

Anaphylactic reaction stories from youth

Hear first-hand experiences from youth on their anaphylactic experiences and lessons learned. It’s a powerful video that shares how to recognize signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and what to do when it happens.

Anaphylaxis 101

Watch this short and informative video on the basics of anaphylaxis! It’s a fun way to learn the signs and symptoms and what to do in case of a reaction.

question mark abstract - sticky note setConfused about anaphylaxis?

Learn the basics on anaphylaxis and its treatment from our free AllergyAware.ca community online course.

Mother on laptop while dad and daughter having fun.Additional resources

Check out our other resources and tips on food allergy and anaphylaxis.

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