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Food Allergy Awareness Month

May is Food Allergy Awareness Month in Canada and there are many exciting things we have planned this month to increase awareness and education of food allergy across the country. Plus, later in the month, we’ll share our advocacy efforts and how we are working towards making food allergy a public health priority.

Food allergy is one of the leading causes of potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reactions and a public health concern in Canada, especially among children. Over 3 million Canadians are affected by food allergy, that’s 7.5% of the population. The impact of food allergy is far greater, with an estimated 50% of households being either directly or indirectly affected by food allergy. That means 1-in-2 Canadian households are impacted by food allergy. As there is no way of predicting how severe an allergic reaction may be and no known cure for food allergy, avoiding the allergenic food is required to prevent a reaction.

Find out all we’re doing this month to shine a light on food allergy! Get involved and help us create awareness wherever you go. Click on a section below to learn more!

In this section:

Give and Go campaign

Our advertising campaign this year focuses on the importance of giving epinephrine and calling 911 when having anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.

Check out our campaign starring Hall of Fame football player Jerome Bettis. A special thank you to End Allergies Together (E.A.T.) and BBDO New York for developing the Give and Go videos.

Drive food allergy awareness

There are a number of ways to can drive awareness during the month. Learn how you can get involved – from painting a nail teal, to hosting an allergy-friendly food drive, there are so many ways to spread awareness and education.

Dr. Ben-ShoshanThe importance of epinephrine

Epinephrine is the first line treatment for anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening.

Watch paediatric allergist, and one of our Healthcare Advisory Board members Dr. Ben-Shoshan and Beatrice, from our team, talk about signs and symptoms, treating reactions, educating others and reading food labels.

Thank you EpiPen® Canada for creating these videos.

Shine a light bracelets

Support food allergy awareness by purchasing our teal glow-in-the-dark Shine a light bracelets.

They are perfect for kids and adults alike and it’s a simple way to show your support!


There are many events happening this month focused on food allergy education. You can learn from a CFL player, hear from allergists, attend a webinar, and more!

Stay tuned for more events and activities to be announced soon!

Allergy Check

New! Allergy Check, a new assessment tool that guides users through the likelihood of having a food allergy with just a few clicks. The app is intended to help patients and parents understand whether specific symptoms may be caused by a food allergy and whether further advice from an allergist is recommended. Investigators at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Digital Lab at BC Children’s Hospital collaborated to create Allergy Check, with support from Food Allergy Canada and the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI).

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