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Find your local candidates

The federal election is on October 21, 2019. Below are ways you can find information on your local federal candidates.

Shaking hands and holding phoneIn person/online

Many candidates will also make themselves available to meet with voters to learn about their issues.

• Call your local candidate’s campaign office and ask for a brief phone or in-person meeting with them to discuss food allergy.

• Invite others in the community you know who are personally affected by food allergy to the meeting (e.g. local support network contacts, etc.).

• When requesting a meeting, introduce yourself, confirm you are a voter in the candidate’s riding, and let them know you want to discuss food allergy, an issue of importance to you.

• Be as flexible as possible with timing, although daytime hours are usually easier for candidates during an election.


For any questions you may have on our #FoodAllergyVotes campaign, or the National Food Allergy Action Plan, contact us at nationalplan@foodallergycanada.ca, or call 1 866 785-5660.

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