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Letter from the Lorette family

Caroline Lorette
Caroline Lorette

As Caroline Lorette’s parents and sister, we would like to thank you for taking part in the “All About Food Allergy” program. When Caroline passed away after having a severe allergic reaction in July 2014, our world as we knew it was shattered. Years later, we continue to try to find ways to live without her; the memories of her kind and loving personality carry with us every day. We have also worked tirelessly for the past eight years to develop and grow the Sweet Caroline Foundation.

Caroline struggled with allergies her whole life, especially at school. She experienced bullying due to her allergies and the culture and environment at the school reflected a lack of understanding. We always knew there was more education and preparedness needed to ensure that those with allergies felt comfortable and safe. When Caroline died, we knew something had to be done – so that hopefully we could help prevent any other child and family from the experience that we have had to endure. Caroline has inspired us to persevere with this program.

Please know that by taking part in this program you are not only educating students, but you are also making a more inclusive environment for those with food allergies, helping them feel supported so they can manage more confidently.

Thank you for helping to make a difference,

David, Janet, and Katherine Lorette

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