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Be bright! Be brilliant! Stand out this Halloween

Check out these great ideas for events and fundraising!

Adriana and Christian D. painting and making teal light craftsCraft party

Teal is the new orange!

Teal is the colour of food allergy awareness, make your own DIY craft party to create ways to shine a light on food allergy. To help you get started, we’ve created a handy list of things you’ll need.

Halloween Party With Children Trick Or Treating In CostumeTrunk-or-treat

This idea has been gaining momentum in communities across North America and is a great way to celebrate in your social bubble!

The idea is to have your social bubble gather with their cars in a parking lot where kids can dress up in their costumes and go “trunk-or-treat” – they go car to car and adults hand out allergy-friendly treats and toys from the trunks of their car.

Other ideas

The sky is the limit, use your imagination to come up with great fundraising events – like bake sales, dance-a-thon, and craft sales, to help raise awareness for food allergy at Halloween and all year long!

Danica and Delaney wearing their handmade teal bead bracelets
Danica (9) and Delaney (6)

School fundraising

You can fundraise at school and raise awareness for food allergy at the same time. Many of the same ideas (DIY craft party, trunk-or-treat) can be adapted for the school environment. For instance, kids can go from class to class instead of car to car, and classrooms can have a craft party competition. Check out Danica and Delaney’s story of fundraising at their school.

We also have many school resources that focus on educating children about food allergies, including the Allergy Awareness Challenge, and our resources for educators.

Family and friends stack hands with red heart showing unity, generosity, teamwork and love.

Help kids stay safe all year long by raising awareness and funds

If you want to help make a difference, but don’t have the time to put together a fundraising event, you can donate directly to Food Allergy Canada. Help us continue being able to educate, advocate, and support the more than 3 million Canadians impacted by food allergy. Your support is saving lives. Thank you.


For any questions you may have, contact us at info@foodallergycanada.ca, or call 1 866 785-5660.

Check out the other ways you can support kids with food allergy this Halloween:

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