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EpiPen shortage: Latest update from Health Canada

January 18, 2018

*Update as of February 21, 2019: For the most recent update regarding EpiPen and EpiPen Jr availability, click here.*

Original post below:

We have been following the reported EpiPen® auto-injector shortage very closely and have been in contact with key stakeholders, including Health Canada, Pfizer Canada, and medical professionals.

To keep you informed, we are sharing the latest update from Health Canada with you. Here are a few highlights of their update:

  • The shortage continues to be limited to the 0.3 mg EpiPen auto-injector dose only, and does not apply to the EpiPen Jr auto-injector.
  • The shortage is expected to be resolved by March 2, 2018. Pfizer Canada, the Canadian distributor of EpiPen, is currently working with its distributors to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.
  • An auto-injector’s expiry date applies to the last day of the month noted on the device.
  • If a new or in-date auto-injector is not available, a recently expired device may be used to treat an anaphylactic reaction in an emergency situation during this shortage period.

Please check the expiry dates of your current 0.3 mg EpiPen auto-injectors. If they are to expire during the reported supply shortage, please contact your pharmacy to check stock availability. We also remind you to review our safety tips for managing food allergies.

If you have any further questions, please contact Pfizer Canada directly at 1-877-EPIPEN1 (1-877-374-7361).

We will continue to keep you informed on this issue as we learn more.

Read the original statement from Pfizer Canada regarding the supply interruption.

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