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Get involved – November 2020

November 6, 2020

Register now for our upcoming webinar on plant-based food trends and the impact to those with food allergy. Get educated with our “encore presentation series” with this month’s focus on the facts behind food allergy. Attend an upcoming small group webinar on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis. Plus, discover our support groups across Canada, connect with one virtually, and check out the support group meeting happening this month.

Plant-based foods options are on the rise as many are looking to maintain healthier diets, but did you know that the ingredients in these foods may impact those with food allergy?

Join us for an upcoming webinar on plant-based food trends, like meatless burgers and non-dairy milk, the use of pea protein as a substitute, and more. Find out how these trends may impact you and how to navigate them safely. You’ll hear from two presenters, a leading research scientist and our own food safety expert.

Here are the details:

Jennifer Protudjer and Beatrice Povolo-2
Dr. Jennifer Protudjer and Beatrice Povolo
  • What the webinar is about: The implications of new plant-based food trends for those with food allergy and how to address them, followed by Q&A, where you can ask questions. You can also ask your questions in advance during registration.
  • Who is presenting:
    • Dr. Jennifer Protudjer is the Endowed Research Chair in Allergy, Asthma and the Environment, and an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health at the University of Manitoba, an epidemiologist with the Clinical Trials Platform at the George and Fay Yee Center for Healthcare Innovation, and a research scientist at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.
    • Beatrice Povolo, who is Food Allergy Canada’s Director of Advocacy & Media Relations, and the program lead for our food safety initiatives. Her expertise and knowledge in food safety, including food labelling and in foodservice, has helped to inform and educate key stakeholders such as government and industry on how to support the food allergy community.
  • When is the webinar: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 from 12-1 pm EST

Register now, and please share with others who may benefit from this informative and timely webinar.

Facts behind food allergy encore presentation series

In this series, we feature past online events and webinars. This month watch our facts behind food allergy series and learn real facts and information directly from food allergy experts. Having the right information is important for managing food allergy confidently.

Get educated with the videos below and please share with others who have food allergy or care for someone who does.

Topic: Myths and facts webinar

Learn about the top misconceptions about food allergy to help you separate fact from fiction. Find out more facts behind common food allergy myths on food allergens, signs and symptoms, reactions, and more.

Topic: The science behind food allergy webinar

Learn the science behind how you become sensitized to allergens, what happens to your body during an allergic reaction, and how food allergy can be prevented. You’ll learn more about the complexities of food allergy and find out why there are so many more allergies today than 20 years ago.

Small group webinar: Managing food allergy and anaphylaxis

Parent mentors (left to right) Sarah, Elaine and Jen

Do you have questions on managing food allergy and anaphylaxis? Attend one of our free 90-minute interactive webinars led by a trained parent mentor. You’ll learn fundamental information about daily management and living confidently with food allergy and anaphylaxis. Plus, you’ll connect with others who can relate!

These sessions are geared towards parents of children who have been recently diagnosed with a food allergy. It’s also a great session for others who are interested in this topic, or would like a refresher.

What you’ll takeaway:

  • What are food allergy and anaphylaxis
  • How to avoid a reaction
  • What are the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis
  • What to do in an emergency

We have extended the number of participants that can attend these sessions. Register now, as spaces are limited and fill up quickly. Our next sessions are Saturday, November 7th and Tuesday, November 24th.

If you have already attended one of these webinars, please help us spread the word so others can also benefit. Please share!

Learn about our support groups across Canada and connect with one virtually!

Support groups provide a warm and caring environment for you to get help in dealing with the day-to-day stress of being at risk of anaphylaxis or having a child who is at risk. Plus, it’s a great way to keep updated on any new developments in the food allergy community.

Robyn Buchan and her son
Robyn Buchan, Dresden Area Allergy Support Group, with her son

Check out the upcoming support group meeting happening this month!


Dresden Area Allergy Support Group

To connect with one of our other support groups and learn about their leaders, visit our support group page. Most of our support groups have online presence through social media. Find one near you and connect online! If there isn’t one in your community, we’ll help you get one started.

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