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Giving back at a young age: Meet #FoodAllergyChampion Olivia King

May 6, 2022

Olivia King is a talented and creative 10-year-old from Toronto, ON who is on a mission to help others with food allergy like herself. Olivia is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and shrimp and just published her first book, The Adventures of Livie and Pinky. With her book, Olivia is making a difference by donating a portion of the profits to Food Allergy Canada.

We spoke with Olivia to learn more about her book and her inspiration to give back. Check out the interview below and support her initiative by purchasing her book here.

Watch Olivia read her book!

What inspired you to write your book The Adventures of Livie and Pinky?

I was inspired by Pinky, my stuffed baby panda best friend and sidekick that my momma gave me when I was a baby. I love Pinky very much and I wanted to write a story about her and me. 

What is the book about? What is the main message of the story?

The book is about me and Pinky going on adventures. The message of the story is to always help others, even if you have lost your way or have an allergic reaction, friends are always there to help you. In the story, I also talk about how it important it is to always carry your epinephrine auto-injector.

Can you share your favourite quote or page from the book? 

The dedication page is my favourite because I love my family so much – and Pinky!

Why did you feel it was important to have a portion of the profits go to Food Allergy Canada?

I felt it was important to support Food Allergy Canada because I have food allergies myself and I want to help others with them.

What is it like living with food allergy? How do you manage it every day? 

Living with food allergy is manageable – it doesn’t really change other parts of my life. It’s just something you have to manage. My momma and daddy help me manage my food allergies. I also told my best friend about my allergies, and she helps me feel safe.

What do you want other kids to know who have food allergy?

It’s okay to have food allergies, just make sure you always stay safe. Always carry an auto-injector, and always read labels on food.

Now that you’ve published your first book, what’s next?

I might write a second book!

Thanks Olivia for sharing your story with us and supporting our organization! The Adventures of Livie and Pinky is now available to purchase on amazon.com. A portion of each purchase will be donated directly to Food Allergy Canada. 

Plus, start your own fundraiser for Food Allergy Canada and help to make an impact!

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