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GivingTuesday: Be a part of Canada’s food allergy future

November 30, 2021

Today is GivingTuesday! On this global day of giving, please support our charity and be part of Canada’s #FoodAllergyFuture. 2021 marks our organization’s 20th anniversary. While we have made big impact throughout this time, we need your help to continue making transformational change.

Since 2001, thousands of lives have been transformed by our educational programs.

Yet there are thousands more who need credible info and support to live confidently with food allergy.

Since 2001, we’ve successfully advocated for plain and simple language to be used for priority food allergens on ingredient labels.

Yet we need to make “may contain” meaningful.

Since 2001, we have increased the number of available epinephrine auto-injector brands to 3.

Yet access to this life-saving medicine needs to increase, and so does the understanding of how to recognize and treat anaphylaxis.

Since 2001, we have successfully advocated for groundbreaking school anaphylaxis policies.

Yet we need to build informed and supportive communities by educating the next generation.

Give today and be sure to tell your friends to support our charity too. We can’t do our important work without you!

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