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Latest news from Food Allergy Canada – February 2019

February 8, 2019

Learn about the Canadian Paediatric Society’s updated recommendations for the early introduction of allergenic foods to high-risk infants. Plus, read Pfizer Canada’s latest update on the EpiPen supply allocations.

Applications are now open for our community awards including the Pryde Family Travel Grant, Robyn Allen Leadership Award and the Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, be sure to check out our sweet tips for parents, teens, adults, and educators! And, download the free Kung Food app, a fun and interactive game for youth with food allergies.

Updated Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) guidance on early introduction of allergens

The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) recently released updated recommendations on the specific timing for the early introduction of allergenic foods for infants who are at higher risk of developing food allergy.

The new guidance is to actively offer non-choking forms of foods containing common allergens (e.g. peanuts, egg) around 6 months of age, but not before 4 months, as this can be effective in preventing food allergy in some high-risk infants.

This is a positive step forward, but also highlights the need for continued education and greater healthcare support.

Read our full statement. Plus, listen to Jennifer our Executive Director, talk to Radio Canada International about the updated CPS recommendations on early introduction and why it’s important to have standardized guidance across our healthcare system.

Update: EpiPen supply in Canada

Pfizer Canada has provided an updated statement on the supply of EpiPen® auto-injectors in Canada. Read their statement.

They advise that there is supply of both the EpiPen and EpiPen Jr auto-injectors at wholesalers, distributors, and at pharmacies. The supply continues to be managed through measured national allocation to wholesalers in order to support the provision of devices to patients across the country.

For further information or questions regarding EpiPen supply, please contact Pfizer Canada directly at 1-877-EPIPEN1 (1-877-374-7361).

Everyone should be able to get devices

As there is supply of epinephrine auto-injectors available in Canada, through EpiPen and the temporary supply of AUVI-Q, you should be able to fill your full prescription.

As a reminder, we recommend following these steps to ensure you get full access:

  • Ask your pharmacist if epinephrine auto-injectors (e.g. EpiPen® and AUVI-Q) are available in-store. If they aren’t available, provide them with the product identification numbers (e.g. DIN numbers) so the products can be ordered: [table id=3 /]
  • If you have private insurance coverage, check with your insurance provider to see if all auto-injectors (e.g. EpiPen and AUVI-Q) are covered. If the devices are not covered, you can request coverage.
  • If you have public/government coverage, the provinces are covering both EpiPen and AUVI-Q.
  • You may be required to have a prescription for AUVI-Q. Ask your allergist or physician for a prescription that includes both EpiPen and AUVI-Q on the same prescription, so you don’t have to go back to your physician.
  • Continue to follow our safety tips for managing food allergies and preventing reactions.

We continue to work on your behalf to ensure you always have access to this life-saving medication.

Applications are now open for our 2019 community awards

Enter to win our awards/grants this year! Learn more about them below and please share with others who may be eligible.

Pryde Family Travel Grant

For graduate students, medical students, and healthcare professionals with an interest in food allergy/anaphylaxis. The Pryde Family Travel Grant offers two grants valued at $500 each to help cover the costs for attending an academic program or event related to food allergies. Learn more and apply by March 22, 2019.

Robyn Allen

Robyn Allen Leadership Award

For a healthcare professional, industry representative, government representative, or an individual who has exemplified extraordinary leadership and dedication in the advancement of food allergy awareness and education. Learn more and apply by April 26, 2019.

Sabrina Shannon

Sabrina Shannon Memorial Award

For students entering their first year or continuing their studies at a post-secondary institution. Students can apply for a chance to receive one of two awards valued at $1,000 each. Applicants do not need to have food allergies to be eligible for the award. Learn more and apply by June 14, 2019.

Valentine’s Day tips

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, check out our sweet tips to ensure an allergy-safe day for all:

Download now: Kung Food app for youth and teens

Download the free Kung Food app, developed by Manitoba’s Children’s Allergy & Asthma Education Centre (CAAEC) for youth with food allergies.

Aimed to improve knowledge and skills for youth living with food allergies, Kung Food features allergy trivia, allergy simulations, and personalized allergy alerts that can be texted to friends and family.

Kung Food includes the following elements:

  • Food Allergy I.Q. tests
  • Winning a black belt in the dojo by correctly answering questions
  • Ability to send customized allergy alerts to family and friends, which contains information about the youth’s food allergies
  • Topics on school, bullying, restaurants, travel, friends, partying, dating, stress and frustration
  • A link to Food Allergy Canada’s Ultimate Food Allergy Guide for Teens

Download Kung Food for free from the App store and Google Play store.

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