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Latest news from Food Allergy Canada – September 2018

September 7, 2018

Read the latest on the EpiPen supply constraints and the temporary availability of AUVI-Q in the Canadian market. Plus, check out our FAQs on the most common questions about AUVI-Q.

School is now is session, take a look at our back-to-school tips and resources to help you navigate the school year with food allergies. Also, find out more about the second phase of the Sweet Caroline Foundation school pilot program.

Discover who won our Summer of TAG Allergy-Friendly Kitchen Contest and read about the very deserving recipients of our 2018 community awards.

You’ll also learn more about MedicAlert (including a special offer for our members), and Enjoy Life Food’s teal rebranding initiative (plus, there’s a coupon you can download!).

EpiPen® and AUVI-Q® updates

EpiPen limited quantity released

Pfizer Canada has advised that a limited quantity of EpiPen® 0.3 mg auto-injectors has been released across Canada and that additional stock is expected to be released in the coming weeks. Please read their statement.

Both EpiPen 0.3 mg and EpiPen Jr 0.15 mg doses continue to be in supply allocation. Supply allocation means there is limited inventory of both products available at pharmacies and it is being carefully managed nationally.

For further information or questions, please contact Pfizer Canada directly at 1-877-EPIPEN1 (1-877-374-7361).

AUVI-Q temporary supply in Canada

Health Canada announced that they have secured a temporary supply of AUVI-Q® epinephrine auto-injectors from kaléo to help mitigate the current ongoing supply constraints of the EpiPen 0.3 mg dose. AUVI-Q auto-injectors were previously known as Allerject auto-injectors in Canada. Please read Health Canada’s statement and patient information sheet, along with kaléo’s statement.

Details of the AUVI-Q temporary supply:

  • The AUVI-Q product will be available in pharmacies across Canada as of September 7, 2018.
  • To address your questions about this new release, including how to access this product, how much it costs, and if it will be available beyond the temporary supply, please read these FAQs we developed in collaboration with Health Canada and kaléo.
  • Although the shipment of AUVI-Q is expected to help supplement the existing supply, Health Canada has noted that the overall supply of epinephrine auto-injectors continues to be constrained and carefully managed.

Click here to read further details about this temporary supply.

School is now in session!

Check out our tips for back to school, and discover the many school resources we have available to support you and your children with food allergies.

Have you updated your child’s Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan?

Download a copy today.




Help your schools become allergy aware. Encourage the principal to have school staff take the free Anaphylaxis in Schools online course at AllergyAware.ca where they can learn the basics of anaphylaxis and how to reduce risks.


Get informed to help keep your child safe.



Useful tips on managing food allergies in daycare all the way to college and university



Watch: recorded webinar on the top tips for managing food allergies at school.



Watch: recorded webinar on managing food allergies in college/university.



Summer of TAG Allergy-Friendly Kitchen Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Summer of TAG Allergy-Friendly Kitchen Contest to help us raise awareness of food allergies. This year our theme was on creating an allergy-friendly environment in the kitchen.

Grand prize winner of a Napoleon Propane Grill

Lucie Masciangelo from King City, Ontario

Winner of the Vitamix Personal Blender

Sean Ashby from Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winner of the Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer

Heather Cuthbert-Hughes from Peterborough, Ontario

While the contest is now over, you can still participate in the Summer of TAG with race car star Alex Tagliani. Check out his race schedule and cheer him on. You can also have fun creating our allergy-friendly recipes!

Grand prize winning taco from Lucie Masciangelo

Prize winning açaï bowl from Sean Ashby

Prize winning banana bread from Heather Cuthbert-Hughes







Community Award winners

Announcing our 2018 community award winners. All of our winners have shown exemplary dedication and passion for supporting the food allergy community.

Read about:

Learn more about our community awards.

Sweet Caroline Foundation school pilot program

Caroline Lorette

The Sweet Caroline Foundation, in collaboration with Food Allergy Canada, launched a new pilot program, Allergy Awareness for Schools earlier this year.

This school program includes a video called “Caroline’s Story”, which is the cornerstone of the program. “Caroline’s Story” is an emotional and educational video where the Lorette family shares the story of 14-year-old Caroline Lorette, who inspired the formation of the Sweet Caroline Foundation in 2014 after dying from an allergic reaction to dairy.

Please note, this video is intended for teens and up due to the serious nature of the content.

The video emphasizes the importance of how and when to use epinephrine, the critical first-line treatment for anaphylaxis. It also addresses the impact of food allergy bullying.
We are currently launching phase 2 of this pilot program in New Brunswick before focusing on a national roll-out next year. We would love to have your children’s school participate. The program involves a school assembly/classroom discussion and a few other follow-up activities.

Please email us at info@foodallergycanada.ca if you would like to learn more about launching this program at your school in the future.

Enjoy Life Foods has rebranded to show greater support for the food allergy community

Enjoy Life Foods is passionate about food allergy awareness. Their new packaging features a vibrant teal colour, which is the recognized colour of food allergy awareness, but that is not the only change they have made.

Learn more about Enjoy Life Food’s rebrand and download a coupon.

MedicAlert medical ID tells others about your child’s food allergies

As a parent of a child with food allergies, the back to school routine comes with the added concern about managing food allergies at school. MedicAlert IDs provide school aged children an easy way to let others know about their allergies. They come in a variety of styles and colours, and MedicAlert has a special offer exclusively for our members.

Read more about the benefits of MedicAlert and the exclusive offer.


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