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MedicAlert – An easy way to let others know about an allergy

May 9, 2018

There’s a number of items individuals with food allergies need to keep handy. From epinephrine auto-injectors, to allergy-safe food options, to inhalers for those who also have asthma – there’s no shortage of vitally important pocket-filling products.

However, one of the most important items may be a piece of medical jewellery – such as a MedicAlert® bracelet – to provide a quick and easy way to let others know about potential allergies.

We recently connected with MedicAlert about a few of their programs. Learn the latest about MedicAlert below, and be sure to check out the special offer they are providing exclusively for Food Allergy Canada members!

Michelle and Nolan

Why MedicAlert?

MedicAlert medical identification is engraved with key information such as allergies, necessary medications, or other vital medical/health information that is critically important in emergencies. Also engraved is a 24/7 Emergency Hotline number, staffed with medically trained specialists who can put emergency responders in touch with the emergency contact person (parents or other caregivers) as specified on the identification.

For more than 56 years, MedicAlert has been providing Canadians with this lifesaving service, and it’s a recognized, trusted brand among emergency responders.

To read about how MedicAlert changed the life of someone with food allergies, read Nolan’s story.

Membership Assistance program

The cost of managing food allergies can be too high for some families to manage, and as a result, kids may have to do without certain necessities for months or longer. To that end, MedicAlert has a Membership Assistance program for families who are experiencing financial limitations. Contact MedicAlert directly at 1-855-581-3791 or visit MedicAlert.ca to learn more about the types of programs available to protect your child.

Special offer for the Food Allergy Canada community

Receive special savings on MedicAlert protection:

  • For anyone 18 and under – mention offer code FACYOUTH to receive a FREE $39 ID, or get $39 off any ID, FREE shipping, and 20% off your service plan.
  • For anyone over 18 – mention offer code FACADULT to receive $50 off your order and FREE shipping.

To get this offer, please call MedicAlert directly at 1-855-581-3791.

Thanks MedicAlert for all you do to support this community!

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