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Project Giveback – Giving back and driving awareness in classrooms

April 3, 2020

Rachel Levy with her presentation poster
Rachel with her presentation poster

Rachel Levy is a grade 5 student at Ventura Park Public School in Thornhill, Ontario. She is allergic to peanuts, lentils and peas, and grew out of her egg allergy at age 5. Curious to learn more about food allergy, Rachel decided to do a presentation and “FUNraiser” on food allergy to her classmates, two of whom also have food allergy. 

We got in touch with Rachel to find out more about her food allergy presentation and FUNraiser, and to learn how her classmates responded.

Check out the interview below!

Why did you choose Food Allergy Canada for Project Giveback?

I chose Food Allergy Canada for my Project Giveback presentation because I have food allergy and I wanted to learn more. I learned that over 2 million Canadians live with food allergy!

Rachel's Clue game
Rachel’s Clue game

Tell us about your presentation. What was your goal?

I did a FUNraiser, where you make something that will influence people to pay attention to your presentation. My FUNraiser was the game Clue, but a food allergy edition. 

My goal was to teach people about food allergy and Food Allergy Canada. I wanted them to know what to do if they have a food allergy, and that they could contact Food Allergy Canada if they have any questions about food allergy and need more information.

How did your classmates respond to your FUNraiser and presentation?

My classmates asked me a lot of questions about food allergy like – how many people have food allergy? When was Food Allergy Canada founded? And more! The two other people in my class that have food allergy were the most interested. Even if everyone knew what food allergy was, they became even more interested.

Thanks, Rachel, for being a food allergy hero, by educating your classmates about food allergy and spreading awareness! 

Do you want to give back and drive allergy awareness? Learn how to organize an online fundraiser or donate to Food Allergy Canada today.

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