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Be prepared

As the fall brings new routines and a feeling of a new year, review our resources and tips to ensure you are prepared to navigate food allergy with confidence this season and all year long.

Preparing for your allergist appointmentVideo: Preparing for your allergist appointment

Have you made your annual allergist appointment? Watch this video to help you prepare. You’ll learn 12 simple tips for making the most of your visit.

Even though this video is geared toward visiting an allergist for the first time, it’s still quite helpful for preparing for annual visits.

Close-up of Emergency document with pencilAnaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Now is the time to make sure your child’s anaphylaxis emergency plan is up-to-date. Share this form with your child’s school and caregivers, and review it with your child, depending on their age.

Cheerful baby at the doctor's officeOral food challenges and other questions

Write a list of your food allergy-related questions (e.g. oral food challenges, and therapies) and ask your child’s doctor/allergist at your next appointment.

Sign up for our upcoming webinar with Dr. Chan on oral food challenges to learn more.

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