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Tools and resources

Use our tools and resources for back-to-school, including our handy checklists, posters, and more!

Watch our past webinars on back-to-school:

For youth

Back-to-school with food allergies:

Learn how to speak up about your food allergy, how to deal with unwanted teasing or bullying, how to stay safe at lunch/snack time, spreading allergy awareness at school, and the importance of carrying your auto-injector with you at all times.

For high school students

Managing food allergy in high school

Learn what to expect, tips and strategies for managing in a high school environment, and how to prepare for the transition. Hear from a panel of youth with food allergy on first-hand experiences, learn how to educate others and build a support system, and discover relevant resources to prepare.

For college/university students

Managing food allergies in college/university

Learn tips and best practices on how to navigate post-secondary school, and live safely on campus with food allergy. Hear from a panel that shares their experiences, insight, and strategies on how youth can identify food allergy risks on campus and how to prepare accordingly.

For parents

Parents’ questions answered live

During this session, the youth panel answered your questions on eating in schools, how to get teachers and peers to be supportive, how anaphylaxis has been handled at school, along with managing social situations, bullying, and more.

Check out these resources:

Portrait Of Male Student Working At Laptop In College LibraryAllergyAware.ca course

Learn the basics on anaphylaxis and its treatment from our “Anaphylaxis in the Community” free online course.

back-to-school checklistBack-to-school checklist

Use our checklist for parents and students to prepare for the new school year.

Planning for post-secondary with food allergyPlanning for post-secondary checklist

Check out our tips for managing food allergy on campus.

Signs and symptoms sheet

Download and print our signs and symptoms sheet.

The 5 emergency steps

Download and print the 5 emergency steps for treating anaphylaxis.

Think FAST posterAllergic reactions Think FAST poster

Print a poster outlining the different signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, and share it with your child’s teacher.

Mother on laptop while dad and daughter having fun.Additional resources

Check out our other resources including topic sheets, fast facts, and educational videos!

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