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Celebrating Halloween 2023

Food allergy and Halloween

Ghosts, goblins, tricks and treats, Halloween is a memorable day filled with costumes, treats, parties, and mischief. For kids with food allergy, Halloween can present a few challenges and it can be overwhelming at times for parents, especially if you have a child who is newly diagnosed.

In this section, you have access to a host of tips, tools, and other resources, so you can navigate this holiday with confidence:

#FoodAllergy Hacks

Download and share our #FoodAllergyHacks – Halloween edition!

Help drive food allergy awareness and let everyone know you are making this Halloween fun and safe for kids with food allergy.

free resourcesFree resources

Download and share posters, flyers, activity sheets, social icons, and more!

Share how you’re keeping Halloween safe for all, whether that’s with shining a teal light, having candy alternatives at your door, or raising funds.

stay informedStay informed

Get essential allergy-related news, like food recalls, research information, events, and other allergy-related news that impact you and your family.

Stay updated all year long.

FundraiseBe bright! Be brilliant! Stand out this Halloween

Fundraise with these different event ideas. Help to make a difference this Halloween season!

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