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"All about food allergy" school program resources

This program is ready-to-use and has been designed with cross-curricular integration in mind. Download the materials anytime.

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This program provides educators with a comprehensive overview of food allergy and anaphylaxis, and how to be a food allergy ally. Designed with cross-curricular integration in mind, this ready-to-use resource checks off multiple learning outcome requirements for: 

  • Global Competencies 
  • Health/Wellness 
  • Science 
  • Language 
  • Drama 

Plus, there are suggested extensions for more integrations, including Mathematics and Visual Arts. We’ve done the work for you, simply download the curriculum links document below to use in your planning.

While this program is focused on grades 4 to 6, it can easily be adapted for other grades and learning needs.

Caroline Lorette: inspiration for the school program 

Caroline Lorette
Caroline Lorette

This program is inspired by Caroline Lorette of New Brunswick. Caroline passed away in 2014 after accidentally eating something that had one of her allergens in it. Her family is dedicated to promoting allergy awareness and education.

“Please know that by taking part in this program you are not only educating students, but you are also making a more inclusive environment for those with food allergies, helping them feel supported so they can manage more confidently.” — David, Janet, and Katherine Lorette

Read a personal letter from the Lorette family

All about food allergy program includes:

Program survey

A completed survey is required to be entered into our annual draw to win $200 for your class!

Please complete this survey after you have taught the program to your students.

Needs to be completed by June 2024.

Bonus: Win for your class

There are two opportunities to win for your class:  

1. Complete our survey to be entered into a draw for a 1-in-10 chance to win $200  

2. Share videos/skits from module 2, activity 4 – “treating anaphylaxis video/skit” for a 1-in-10 chance to win $100 

Educator training: AllergyAware.ca online course on food allergy and anaphylaxis

AllergyAware flyer 2021
Download this flyer and share!

Learn the basics of anaphylaxis, ways to reduce risk, and the recommended emergency treatment through our 30-minute, interactive online course. You’ll also receive a downloadable certificate upon successful completion.

It’s free, medically-reviewed, available in English and French, and you can take it every year to ensure you stay updated.  

Meet the organizations behind this program

Learn more about the organizations behind the All About Food Allergy Program – Food Allergy Canada, Sweet Caroline Foundation. Also learn about PHE Canada, who has endorsed this program.

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